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UBS Group | Motion-Design und Animationen

A motion-package for UBS used for a reportage Series at Canal 9

UBS in one of Switzerland’s most well known banks, providing both national and international financial services. Being till this day the largest Swiss banking institution in the world.

Although their headquarters are based in Zurich and Basel, they cover a full range of financial consumer services, done by their many locations throughout Switzerland.

With 23 different customer services locations, UBS bank has a well represented position in Wallis. But dealing with a canton that is linguistically divided and has a very authentic vision, finding the most effective way to connect their brand with their customers can be challenging.

To bring their brand closer to the Walliser customers and strengthen this connection, UBS decided to develop a series of reportages that introduce a range of their employees. With that Introduction UBS provides: “A look behind the curtains”, thereby giving the audience the opportunity to connect to the people working at the Walliser locations, giving an insight in who they are and what they like to do. This series has the appropriate name:

UBS Valais vous ouvre ses portes | UBS Wallis tüät eiw irusch Portä üf

AB3 received the exciting assignment to design the intro and all further motion-design for this series. The central objective was that on one hand, this reportage would get a distinguished look that would fit the targeting group, but would still be instantly recognizable as an UBS Production. The result is a 15 second Animation intro in UBS feel that gives a rough visual recapp of Wallis

The total reportage series contains 12 episodes, each of them introducing an employee of a different Wallis’ UBS office. 

More info about the UBS series on Canal9  >


  • Concept + Projektlead:  Sandro Caldelari, UBS Group
  • Motion Design Concept:  Jacqueline, AB3
  • Motion Design: Jacqueline, AB3
  • Sounddesign + Music:  Thijs Pronk
  • Camera + Editing: David Gaudin, Canal9
UBS Valais vous ouvre ses portes – épisode 1

UBS Group

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